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So, in lieu of getting my PhD in creative writing this year, I am, instead, taking classes through Exchanged Life ministries for lay counseling. Therefore, it is time for my “after class blog posts” which have become as traditional as my “before theology class and/or creative writing workshop day” slurpy runs. I could never sleep on those nights anyway, so a sugar high always seemed appropriate.

This time, I have decided to include within my posts, a song that sums up what I have learned.

With no further ado:

Matt Bonzo’s Books

So, one of my professors from my undergraduate days at Cornerstone University, has 3 books out! Yay! And, here they are, in no particular order (in bold is information from him):
Wendell Berry and the Cultivation of Life (Brazos) with Michael Stevens. You can read recent reviews in Christianity Today and Relevant magazine.

Indwelling the Forsaken Other: Moltmann’s Trinitarian Ethics (Pickwick)

JUST OUT After Worldview (Dordt) edited with Michael Stevens. Chapters by Seerveld, Olthuis, Wolters, Naugle, Reppman.

While these books are available from the biggies (Amazon, Barnes and Noble), we recommend ordering from Byron Borger at Hearts and Minds bookstore.

(And, I would add, any local independent bookstore).

I think… I PDFd them, so they might email me and request that they be mailed, in which case will have to do that, but I wanted both the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Cornerstone University  to have them ASAP. So, now they do.

And for fun, today I am going to check out Laird Hunt’s book, The Exquisite, so that I can say, “Hey, you’re book rocked” on the first day of graduate school. Okay, I’m not that cheesy, but I am curious as to the story. Wait a minute, if past experience says anything about this, then maybe I am that cheesy. Oh dear. Well, I will have to work on the cheese factor.

Heading to Golden, CO (where they are no longer allowed to say Christmas tree).

P.S. How cool is the name Laird? If I had a name like that, I would walk up to people and say, “Hey, guess what? My name is _____________!” Instead, I get asked, “With an ‘h’ or without?”