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July 4th

* Is the date of my wedding.
* Is the name of a book that I just read by James Patterson. This was my first JP book, and I have to say that several of the scenes which Mr. Patterson described made me sick to my stomach. I don’t like blood and gore. Still, definitely a page turner. The plot was excellent. I see more of JP’s books in my near future.

Holy cow, it has been a blustery weekend in Wisconsin!

Made better much better by good books (currently on the shelf: Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy and Wednesday Wars by Gary Schmidt, an amazing author who I met at the Festival of Faith and Writing), amazing friends and family, and a smashing wedding.

My best friend, Amanda Lynn-Marie (Parish) Jorgenson got married this weekend and I had the honor (really, it was!) of being her maid of honor. And I think I have some neat story ideas thanks to the experience including, but not limited to: the “flower girl posse”, a 48 oz. bag of Craisins, a giant yellow smiley face beach ball rolling down the highway, 4 tornados, and much, MUCH more!