I think… I PDFd them, so they might email me and request that they be mailed, in which case will have to do that, but I wanted both the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Cornerstone University  to have them ASAP. So, now they do.

And for fun, today I am going to check out Laird Hunt’s book, The Exquisite, so that I can say, “Hey, you’re book rocked” on the first day of graduate school. Okay, I’m not that cheesy, but I am curious as to the story. Wait a minute, if past experience says anything about this, then maybe I am that cheesy. Oh dear. Well, I will have to work on the cheese factor.

Heading to Golden, CO (where they are no longer allowed to say Christmas tree).

P.S. How cool is the name Laird? If I had a name like that, I would walk up to people and say, “Hey, guess what? My name is _____________!” Instead, I get asked, “With an ‘h’ or without?”