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Sherman Alexie

Read Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian. Given my recent decision, I wasn’t sure if I could finish this one, but I prayed about it and didn’t get a “no”, so I went ahead with it. I really appreciate how well Alexie deals with grief. I could imagine a young adult reader connecting with this book as one connects with John Green’s Looking for Alaska. Of course, since I was listening to the audio version, I also had the pleasure of listening to Alexie read (If you’ve never heard him read–you need to stop whatever it is your doing, find his website, and drive to his nearest reading, even if it is over 17 hours a way. He is that good. And, he has the amazing ability of memorizing his stories. Fascinating!)

Books Are Awesome!


Buy this book:

First, because Allan Shapiro is an amazing author. Second, because I am an amazing editor. And, I am not cocky at all.
Just saying.

Holy Freakin’ Crap

Umm… so I am leaving for Alaska in less than two weeks. And, apparently, Alaska is the highest hit on my blog. Odd. Although, maybe not considering our recent elections. Guess a lot of people like AK. Personally, I just want to see some whalies. And I am kind of hoping for a Moby Dick type of photo op. =)

Pequod, here I come!

Or Holland America. That works, too.

Have I mentioned I am going to Alaska this summer? ALASKA! Like… wow. So much for my extreme hatered of all things below 60 degrees. Still… ALASKA.

Very. Big. Smile.

Allan Shapiro’s The Butcher and the Breather is the best book ever! http://shop.notesandgracenotes.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=19&Itemid=22

READ THIS BLOG!!! http://lighthousedenver.wordpress.com/  Seriously, it’s my favorite. Seriously. 

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I’m going. This summer. As a youth worker for teens. I can’t stop smiling!

I need to decide:
a. What to call my summer adventure.
b. What books to bring–I feel like they should be somewhat culturally relevant, right?
c. Where the cheapest place to purchase batteries for my camera is.

One of my Colorado friends said, “Alaska is like Colorado, but on steroids.” I am in love with Colorado (and sad I won’t be able to experience it this summer), so I can only imagine: even bigger mountains, amazing nature… I feel the need to cry or hug somebody.

Wow, I am so blessed.