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The reason that I am not hugging her in this picture is because right before my mom took it, she said, “Wait! I’m germy! Don’t hug me!”

My favorite people in the whole wide world. Seriously! I love them!

Sarah: “Quick! Take my vitals! I am dying of a rare disease!”

Jo: “Okay… but…” Cheesing it up for the camera! 😉

(WordPress=hinky today…)

* 40 student papers

* Let it Snow (John Green, Lauren Myracle, Maureen Johnson)

* Greeting card notes

* Economic Thinking for the Theologically Minded (Samuel Gregg)

* Restaurant ideas for Cici and Jenna, two wonderfully sweet girls from my church who are going out to dinner with me on Sunday

* A million and a half emails

* A paper my sister, Johanna, wants me to edit

* 2 Corinthians 1-2 (Which, by the way, is actually 4th Corinthians. Paul sent a letter to Corinth which is alluded to in 1st Corinthians, but that one was lost making 1st Corinthians what we know as 2nd Corinthians. A third letter was sent in between what we know as 1st/2nd Corinthians making 2nd Corinthians actually 4th Corinthians. Whew! I guess God was a tough editor!)