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Too Easy

I’m not sure why I didn’t figure this out earlier… but… Naropa. Enough said.

I just finished reading Raymond Carver’s “Neighbors”, and I found myself drawn into minimalist fiction once again. Initially, I wasn’t sure what to do with the dialogue, as I don’t remember “The Swimmer” including that much. However, Carver establishes a nice rhythm with it, and it is not expositional.

The pattern of “Neighbors” and “The Swimmer” is similar. It starts with the protagonist completing an activity (i.e. feeding a cat or swimming in his neighbor’s pools) and progressively makes that activity more and more awkward. It makes me wonder if Carver’s other stories are similar or if ever he experiments in a style that is more difficult for him.

Also, I appreciate Carver’s (okay, I’m going to say it)… “handrails”… throughout his story. Actually, I enjoy that his said handrails sometimes lead to nowhere. For example, initially I assumed the cat moved the story forward for Bill. Then, I assumed it was the Stone’s apartment. Towards the end, the reader realizes that it is not just Bill who is changing but also Arlene.  Finally, the key becomes a hindrance for Bill and Arlene not being able to enter the apartment together. Is this because that neither of them were supposed to be in the apartment together? If Bill and Arlene were ever jointly in their neighbor’s apartment, would they have the same experiences as they have had separately? Also, it seems as if they are leaning into each other at the end–realizing that each other is all they have… or, is it that they are leaning into the door to force it open? What will happen on the other side of that door? Why do I care more about what happens on the other side of the door than I do about the main characters?

Overall, 4 gold stars for Carver. Not five because “The Swimmer” is a million times better, and I prefer swimming over apartments.

Song Conversations

I love this song because it reminds me of discussions I have had. Only, it wasn’t in November. It wasn’t raining. And he wasn’t 3.

by Building 429

I was standing in the pour raining
One dark November night
Fighting off the bitter cold
When she caught my eye
Her face was torn and her eyes were filled
And then to my surprise
She pulled out a photograph
And my heart just stopped inside
She said He would have been three today
I miss his smile, I miss his face
What was I supposed to say

But I believe always always
Our Savior never fails
Even when all hope is gone
God knows our pain and His promise remains
He will be with you always

No Letter

Well… no letter on March 17, my first no guess. I did, however, get information from Blue Cross Blue Shield. Oh, how nice of them. I have one more guess date for a no: April 1st (April Fools, right?). My original guess date for a yes is April 27th; although, I am adding one more there, too: April 6th.

Fingers crossed, pray hard!!!

Have I mentioned I am going to Alaska this summer? ALASKA! Like… wow. So much for my extreme hatered of all things below 60 degrees. Still… ALASKA.

Very. Big. Smile.

Allan Shapiro’s The Butcher and the Breather is the best book ever!

READ THIS BLOG!!!  Seriously, it’s my favorite. Seriously. 

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WiSM 2.22.09

Sunday again. Nothing.

Going to B&N to check out some books. Would go to Tattered Cover to support my local independent book store, but it’s way across town. Feeling lazy… Will make up for it at a later date.

What’s in Sarah’s Mailbox

Because I don’t want to be the only one waiting for an acceptance (yay!) or rejection (much wailing and gnashing of teeth) letter from DU, I have decided to start a new series on my blog called, aptly, “What’s in Sarah’s Mailbox”.

(Note, that I am really not anticipating an answer until March 17–if they say no, or April 27–if they say yes. So, my perspective is in order and not super obsessive. Only slightly.)

2.15.09 Nothing. Duh. It’s Sunday and since the beginning of time, mail has not come on Sundays.

Church, however, was good. Lots of tears, but not because of mail. Mostly, because of a fabulous conversation with Mike and Jill who are two of the most awesome, godly people I know. And their kiddo, Jonas, is pretty cute, too.


Finished reading New Moon. Felt guilty. Reread Beowulf to make me look intelligent.

Epiphany! (GRE)

Before Christianity, there were no books. I don’t know why I didn’t realize this earlier–I just read it in the Norton… Interesting…

I Just Discovered Also, I know several writers on the site which means that I am probably going to become severely addicted, which also means less GRE studying. And I really need to focus on that. But I don’t wanna!

Also: featuring a calendar of several area readings. I attended one tonight which was phenomenal. There is also one tomorrow in Boulder featuring:

4×4 Reading Series
Jan 22, 7:30, CU, Old Main Chapel
Michael Flatt, CU MFA poetry;
Marream Krollos, DU PhD fiction;
Marie Larson, Naropa MFA poetry;
Jared Schickling, CSU poetry.

I am hoping that I am able to talk with Marream re: DU and fiction. Fingers crossed!