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… a whole lot of student essays.

But, I am thinking about incorporating lunar bombings into my latest short story.

In other news: It’s time to start applying to graduate school. Joy!


… on my blog yet. Just to cover all of the bases.

(LOL’s at own baseball pun. Back to work on grading student papers.)

Reading Alice Munro. And Brandon Tice. Can you say, way awesomer than baseball?

* Worked over 80 hours for my tutoring company.
* Graded 50+ papers (that is not an exaggeration).
* Listented to a variety of audio books including: Gifts by Ursula K. Leguin, Candide by Voltaire, Beowulf by ????, and parts of Milton’s Paradise Lost.
* Edited my sister’s English paper so that she got a 4.0 on her portfolio! Woot! Yay, Gracie!
* House sat for Mike and Jill.
* Driven through a winter storm.
* Done a lot of laundry.

New Story Publication

I have an upcoming publication in The Salt River Review┬ácalled “Dust”.

Now, I should probably grade some essays!