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Stop Your Pride!

Because that’s what it is. It is not humility to claim guilt before God.

Also, stop beating yourself up until you have been sufficiently punished for your infractions–STOP BEING LIKE GOD! What He did is bigger than what you did.

Finally, why are you going to put yourself under submission of being treated for SYMPTOM, when Jesus treats you for DISEASE? He killed you–crucified you–dead.

Come to Him all that thirst…


“We are crushed and created,

We are melted and made,

We are broken and built up in the very same way.

What I thought I could handle,

What I thought I could take,

What I thought would destroy me,

Leaves me stronger in its wake.”

(Stolen from Gene Edwards because he’s my favorite)

1. “The authority of King Saul was true? Yes, God’s chosen authority. Choosen for David. Unbroken authority, yes. But divine in ordination, nonetheless.” Today, I am thankful for authority… unbroken authority, but divine in ordination, nonetheless.

And over that authority, I would  like to offer a bit of truth

2. “Keep in mind that some who have been given the very power of God have raised armies, defeated the enemy, brought forth mighty works of God, preached and prophesied with unparalleled power and eloquence…

And thrown spears,

And hated other people,

And attacked others,

And plotted to kill,

And prophesied naked,

And even consulted withces.”

Which tells me that there is hope. In the end, there is hope.

Not sure what, but definitely feeling the H.S. at work. It’s scary… fun… and demanding of my faith! Go, God, go! 🙂

Paul uses the word “saint” to describe a new covenant Christian 58 times! Not once does he refer to a Christian as a sinner. He only refers to himself, in the past tense (pre-conversion) as a sinner.

Being that…

a) Paul new a whole heck of a lot!

b) I am a Christian

I can logically conclude that…