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A Few Things I Know

(Stolen from Gene Edwards because he’s my favorite)

1. “The authority of King Saul was true? Yes, God’s chosen authority. Choosen for David. Unbroken authority, yes. But divine in ordination, nonetheless.” Today, I am thankful for authority… unbroken authority, but divine in ordination, nonetheless.

And over that authority, I would  like to offer a bit of truth

2. “Keep in mind that some who have been given the very power of God have raised armies, defeated the enemy, brought forth mighty works of God, preached and prophesied with unparalleled power and eloquence…

And thrown spears,

And hated other people,

And attacked others,

And plotted to kill,

And prophesied naked,

And even consulted withces.”

Which tells me that there is hope. In the end, there is hope.

Where are all the good books?

So, I am wondering why all of my favorite authors currently have nothing new published. Are all of the books currently lost in the annals of the editing world? Where are my books when I need them? Without them, of course, I feel compelled to read “canon-esque” stuff. And I am not in a canon-esque reading mood. I WANT BOOKS! NOW!

Write, people, write (in no particular order):

Dee Henderson

Britta Coleman

Richard Russo

John Cheever (Yes, I know there is a bit of a glitch with this one. But, here I am going to assume that writers can write from Heaven).

Liam Callanan

Lori Wick

Amanda Davis (Again, I know there is a problem with this. But, I would have to say that Amanda is one of my favorite 20th century woman writers).

Dave Eggers

Okay… so… write. Now. Faster. Please.

😉 Signing out from the great state of Colorado 😉