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Sherman Alexie

Read Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian. Given my recent decision, I wasn’t sure if I could finish this one, but I prayed about it and didn’t get a “no”, so I went ahead with it. I really appreciate how well Alexie deals with grief. I could imagine a young adult reader connecting with this book as one connects with John Green’s Looking for Alaska. Of course, since I was listening to the audio version, I also had the pleasure of listening to Alexie read (If you’ve never heard him read–you need to stop whatever it is your doing, find his website, and drive to his nearest reading, even if it is over 17 hours a way. He is that good. And, he has the amazing ability of memorizing his stories. Fascinating!)


Buy this book:

First, because Allan Shapiro is an amazing author. Second, because I am an amazing editor. And, I am not cocky at all.
Just saying.

I was thinking about going on a hunger strike until John Green writes another book, but then I thought about the editing process, and the publishing process, and by “write” I mean, the book is at my local independent bookstore (The Tattered Cover) and not a galley.

So, then I decided that would be a dumb decision.


(WordPress=hinky today…)

* 40 student papers

* Let it Snow (John Green, Lauren Myracle, Maureen Johnson)

* Greeting card notes

* Economic Thinking for the Theologically Minded (Samuel Gregg)

* Restaurant ideas for Cici and Jenna, two wonderfully sweet girls from my church who are going out to dinner with me on Sunday

* A million and a half emails

* A paper my sister, Johanna, wants me to edit

* 2 Corinthians 1-2 (Which, by the way, is actually 4th Corinthians. Paul sent a letter to Corinth which is alluded to in 1st Corinthians, but that one was lost making 1st Corinthians what we know as 2nd Corinthians. A third letter was sent in between what we know as 1st/2nd Corinthians making 2nd Corinthians actually 4th Corinthians. Whew! I guess God was a tough editor!)

In other news: I have bangs.

AND… I finished Paper Towns! Not as good as Looking for Alaska, and I think it could have been a few 100 pages shorter (but I think that was the point), but overall a great read from a fantastic author.

And, lately, I have a Faulkner fascination. Not sure why.

I submitted a short story to Ruminate. And now I wait.

Yes, that did just rhyme.

Seriously, I have a feeling about this one, but I don’t want to jinx myself in case anyone out there from R reads my blog. Then they might be like, “Well, she’s cocky, so we can’t publish her.” But, really, it’s not cockiness. It’s just a feeling. My gut tells me that this one is it, baby.

I also emailed the lovely people at R and asked if I could help edit or judge.

Finally, in the wonderful world of all that is writing, editing and publishing, I am going to be a creative nonfiction judge for Notes and Grace Notes.

In the wonderful but crazy world of teaching: I am teaching Research Writing next semester! Woot! So excited!

Reading: John Green’s Paper Towns. Yay Nerdfighters!