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Jesus Wants the Rose


What if…

“What if there was a place that was safe enough where the worst of me could be known and I would discover that I would be loved more, not less, in the telling of it.” –John Lynch– author of Bo’s Cafe.

… that I will never, ever, ever… EVER… use the word “punish” in relation to them?

Not sure what, but definitely feeling the H.S. at work. It’s scary… fun… and demanding of my faith! Go, God, go! 🙂

I enjoy S.J. Hill more as a speaker than as a writer. I imagine that he’s kind of like Paul in that way. Part of it, from what I can assess from his writing, is that he seems to be more a dichotomist vs. a trichotomist. And those of you who know me, know where I stand! Body, soul, spirit! =)

Overall, a decent devotional book. Great book for my FYI students given our topic at hand: The Heart of the Father. Excellent in conjunction with Lifetime Guarantee which clearly delineates trichotomy.



I don’t understand why so many of my friends and family have had to endure a miscarriage. This past week another couple whom I knew in college lost their baby at 14 weeks. While it never gets any easier in regards to hearing the news or being available to talk/cry through the devastating experience, I think I have learned a few valuable lessons:

1. No matter how early the parents loose the baby, they are still parents. Of course, I see this as a Biblical truth. God speaks of knowing babies in the womb–he knows them before they are born. So, if God is the ultimate parent (Daddy) and humans are a reflection of that parentage, then they are parents upon conception. Loss of one’s title as Mom or Dad isn’t accurate, and I think there can be comfort in that. What little it may be.

2. Upon death (again, thinking Biblically here), babies immediately have a new body. Well, this would be for everyone, but I think that when parents loose a child at such a young age, it is difficult for them to think of their child with a body. But, scripturally, this is inaccurate. The Bible says that when we are absent from the body (earthly), we are present with the Lord (spiritual). So, babies aren’t just floating around naked or under the ground. Rather, they are with Jesus–actually where are spirits are too, if we believe in Jesus (I can chapter and verse this for you if you are interested, but I don’t have my Bible on me right now). Hopefully, parents can find comfort in knowing that their child has a body that is much perfect than ours and that they are fully experiencing Jesus. There is peace in that somewhere.

3. I will never have the words to fully comfort, and that’s okay. I don’t have to. And, I will never use Scripture as a condemnation for grief. I had this happen to me when Michael died, and it was awful. Jesus is a God of comfort, especially in grief. And that is what I strive to be, too.

4. I don’t understand the why’s, and I don’t want that to be okay, but I think sometimes it has to be.

5. I have a heart for prayer, often in the middle of the night, often without knowing the words. And that’s okay.

Pray for my friends Matt and Amanda and their baby. Pray that love and comfort surrounds them during this time of grief. Pray that I am able to comfort and love even from a distance.

Religious Man

I watched Nacho Libre with some people from my church tonight, and I have never laughed harder in my life. Mostly, it was funny to see them laugh because they had already seen the video. Anyway, I am in love with this song…

(Maybe offensive to some–it’s a bit sacreligious. Sorry!)

Paul uses the word “saint” to describe a new covenant Christian 58 times! Not once does he refer to a Christian as a sinner. He only refers to himself, in the past tense (pre-conversion) as a sinner.

Being that…

a) Paul new a whole heck of a lot!

b) I am a Christian

I can logically conclude that…