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So, one of my all time favorite young adult authors, John Green, has a social networking site with his brother, Hank Green. As various people have commented and the site has grown, they have decided they need some moderators. John requested several informal applications from a variety of people, and after a few weeks, Hank informed people of their positions.

I am, hereby, the Blurbing Book Club Book Reviewer. My posts will be on Fridays here: http://nerdfighters.ning.com. I feel honored and slightly speechless. And, I am going to need several Young Adult book recommendations. I already have several ideas, but not quite enough for one per Friday! Whew!

Wait, wasn’t I supposed to be doing something productive like grading or studying for my GRE? Hmm…

In other news: I have bangs.

AND… I finished Paper Towns! Not as good as Looking for Alaska, and I think it could have been a few 100 pages shorter (but I think that was the point), but overall a great read from a fantastic author.

And, lately, I have a Faulkner fascination. Not sure why.

I submitted a short story to Ruminate. And now I wait.

Yes, that did just rhyme.

Seriously, I have a feeling about this one, but I don’t want to jinx myself in case anyone out there from R reads my blog. Then they might be like, “Well, she’s cocky, so we can’t publish her.” But, really, it’s not cockiness. It’s just a feeling. My gut tells me that this one is it, baby.

I also emailed the lovely people at R and asked if I could help edit or judge.

Finally, in the wonderful world of all that is writing, editing and publishing, I am going to be a creative nonfiction judge for Notes and Grace Notes.

In the wonderful but crazy world of teaching: I am teaching Research Writing next semester! Woot! So excited!

Reading: John Green’s Paper Towns. Yay Nerdfighters!