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Ate Chipotle, that always throws me off.

Still, burned 506 calories working out today.

30 minutes warming up on elliptical: 240 cal.
11:49 hard core mile/cool down: 137 cal.
Swimming 500 yards in 25 minutes: 129 cal.

In other news, I switched my gym membership today from Planet Fitness to 24 Hour Fitness because a) it’s closer and b) I get a discount for working at CCU. Stellar! Plus, they have a pool and spin classes. Heck to the yes! ­čÖé

Life Today

* 30 min. treadmill
* 30 min. elliptical (paced myself for first mile–10:50. Curious how far I get during run on treadmill tomorrow. Going to run for 10 minutes. Think good thoughts!)
* 15 min. bike cool down.

Total calories consumed so far: 1,280. May decide to have snack later, so I may choose to update. ­čÖé

Edit: Snack later=1,465 calories.

Calories Consumed