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Okay, first, I am in love with Tobias Wolff’s reading voice: http://www.newyorker.com/online/2009/05/11/090511on_audio_wolff

As for “Emergency”…

I appreciate the language in it, i.e. “the road we were lost on cut straight through the middle of the world,” “the tang of evergreens stabbing us,” “the only light visible was a streak of sunset flickering below the hem of the clouds.” And they continue. I love the beautiful word choices. I love the big ideas combined with the minute details. I wish I could write like that.

I also appreciate the story–I am reminded of Kerouac’s The Road and Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. A never-ending journey and an overt concern for bunnies. I love lines like this: “The bunnies weren’t a problem yet, or they had already been a problem and were already forgotten.” Apparently, I have a fascination with writer’s messing with my sense of time. Or I did have a problem with that, but I don’t now. Or, I am going to have a problem with it, but I don’t yet. =)

But… really… must we have the use of drugs? I find a bit of magic removed from stories when writers rely on the use of a good trip. Maybe it’s that I listened to the stories my dad told about his clients (he’s a substance abuse counselor), or maybe it’s my Baptist upbringing. Either way, I think magic is so much more fun when there is no explanation, or when the explanation is new, different–not drugs. On the other hand, Wolff thinks that because the story is so tightly written that it is different from a normal “tripping” story. I can see that, but I would question the necessity of the drugs.

In other news, my sister is going to save lives. She is in nursing school. 😉


Books Are Awesome!


Buy this book:

First, because Allan Shapiro is an amazing author. Second, because I am an amazing editor. And, I am not cocky at all.
Just saying.

Umm… clearly, you should submit here. Clearly.


Matt Bonzo’s Books

So, one of my professors from my undergraduate days at Cornerstone University, has 3 books out! Yay! And, here they are, in no particular order (in bold is information from him):
Wendell Berry and the Cultivation of Life (Brazos) with Michael Stevens. You can read recent reviews in Christianity Today and Relevant magazine.

Indwelling the Forsaken Other: Moltmann’s Trinitarian Ethics (Pickwick)

JUST OUT After Worldview (Dordt) edited with Michael Stevens. Chapters by Seerveld, Olthuis, Wolters, Naugle, Reppman.

While these books are available from the biggies (Amazon, Barnes and Noble), we recommend ordering from Byron Borger at Hearts and Minds bookstore.

(And, I would add, any local independent bookstore).


… is something I do a lot.

One of my biggies (besides randomly coming into a heck of a lot of chash so I can pay off my school bill) is that all of my friends/family will come to Denver.

Well… in the light of this being AWP week in Chicago, I figured I would do a huge shout out to my prayer answerer in that next year… 2010… AWP is comin’ to Denver.

I am so excited! This makes me want to hug people. A lot. Eeek!

Writer’s Block


My First Review

Well, maybe not a review, but Dogzplot linked to my elimae piece here: http://dogzplotnews.blogspot.com/2009/01/more-stuff-to-read-wigleaf-971-menu.html.

Correction: I have had other reviews, but by other writers. Not by editors. Make sense?


Short story forthcoming here: http://www.elimae.com/new.html

Doing a happy dance in my room.

For everyone that held your breath waiting, you can stop now. Note that this is a compilation of conversations with other writers, awesome websites, and funny inside jokes that I tell myself. For example, on my third tier is a journal, The Shit Creek Review, that only accepts poetry. While I am not generally poetic, I think it would be humorous to include this on my repertoire of publications. But, then, maybe I am just sick and twisted like that.

Ah well.

Ideas, comments, negations welcome. The journals within the tiers are in no particular order.

Sarah’s A, B, C List

(I would give my right arm for Hobart, Glimmer Train, and Ruminate for personal, as well as public, reasons).

First Tier

  • Zoetrope
  • Glimmer Train
  • Hobart
  • McSweeny’s
  • Denver Quarterly
  • Failbetter
  • Ploughshares
  • Tin House
  • Ruminate
  • Image

Second Tier

  • The Yale Review
  • Indiana Review
  • The Iowa Review
  • Kenyon Review
  • Mississippi Review
  • elimae
  • Other Voices
  • Prairie Schooner
  • The Yale Review
  • Mid-American Review
  • Relief
  • A Cappella Zoo

Third Tier

  • North American Review
  • Michigan Quarterly Review
  • Fairy Tale Review
  • Alaska Quarterly Review
  • Crab Orchard Review
  • The Harvard Review
  • Toasted Cheese
  • Zyzzyva
  • Smokelong Quarterly
  • Stickman Review
  • Scruffy Dog Review
  • Shit Creek Review
  • R.k.v.r.y.
  • Lemon Puppy Quarterly
  • Juked
  • Jacket
  • H_NGM_N
  • Ep;phany
  • Chicken Bones
  • 3 A.M. Magazine