Because some people tell my story better than I do (or at least faster than I do… lol :)).

For the full story:

“…I may say some things that you don’t want to hear or won’t receive, but love is always about speaking the truth. I have done no differently with other people I have counseled who aren’t flesh and blood  family members. As SJ said yesterday, ‘I finally did what you told me months ago I needed to do. It was hard. It’s both scary and exhilarating at the same time.’  What I had told her months ago, was there were certain changes she needed to make.  Certain things she needed to rid herself of, bits of fabric from the Deceiver that she was clinging to like a dirty, smelly security blanket. It wasn’t easy, but she finally let go. Literally threw that blanket right in the dumpster.  Did I love her any less during the time she was still clinging to her ratty imitation Comforter?  Nope!  But I am sooooooo excited for her now; because I know that now that she has brought some things out into the light, she will be able to see a little more clearly who she was created to be.  She’s no longer cowering in the dark, sucking her thumb and holding tightly to her phony blanket. She knows where her real security is.  The same is true for you.  You will never find the joy, the Light of Life,  the freedom you seek, while pursuing darkness, while running back to the dark places.”

“You know that there are soooo many people who will be there for you, who have loved you through this journey.  It took SJ a few months to make the changes that I suggested to her  (and it took someone else’s perspective besides my measly counsel) but ask her how she’s doing.  Ask her about freedom.  As she told me yesterday ‘It was hard’ (I’m sure she wanted to say ‘damn hard,’  but since I don’t cuss she watered it down for me.)… But oh so worth it.”

For the record, I do swear, but I am not a SWEARER. LOL 🙂 My identity isn’t someone who swears, but I choose to swear (action). Glad we got that cleared up. Hehehe.