This post is dedicated to amazing friends/wisdom that I have received over the past few days. Can I just say, I LOVE PEOPLE! Seriously. Jesus knows exactly who needs to be my friend and at what time. How fantastic is that?

From a beautiful woman of  God: “…but the grace of God also affords dignity to those of us who previously walked in undignified spontaneity :-)” (M. I.)

This one was sent to me in an email about two years ago. Fascinatingly, I refer back to it about once every year, at least!:  “Don’t put anybody on a pedestal but Jesus. Forgive yourself. And say, ‘Damn!’ just to make sure you’re healed. Tournier said that the definition of a neurotic was someone who couldn’t say ‘damn’ without feeling guilty.  : )” (S. B.)

From an amazing facebook conversation: “I get that Sarah. I think Jesus looked through/past people’s actions, behavior, resistance, patterns, attitudes…and saw the truth, goodness and beauty of who they truly were deep inside. I wonder if we could look at each other that way? There’s nothing that you could ever do to make me not accept you, love you, seek your best. If I choose not to do that, that’s my issue/problem not yours.” (J.P.)