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Because rules and law and commandments cause me to live in bondage, but FREEDOM and GRACE and LOVE cause me to be ME in HIM or, more accurately, HIM in ME!!! Or both?

To living in crazy freedom!

“There was no room for Him to spontaneously express Himself through my mortal flesh when my life was governed by rigid rules… Trying to live the Christian life impedes Christ beingĀ formed in us!”


“What does it mean that Christ is formed in us? I have come to understand that this is finding our lives again in Him to be perfect expressions of Him in our uniqueness. I am liberated to fully be myself with everything that entails. That is both a profound and magnificent gift. In this lies the realization that I am fearfully and wonderfully made to be an expression of the divine life as me. Only the Spirit can settle us in this truth through faith.”