Tony: “A house says a lot about a man. Take your house for instance. Clean, no nonsense. Stoic.”

Gibbs: “Stoic? My house is stoic?”

Tony: “Understated then?

Gibbs: “I planted some roses last weekend. Red ones. Red roses stoic?”

Tony: “Well they’re prickly and thorny.”

Gibbs: “Abs, I need what’s in that laptop.”

Abby: “I know you do… maybe a hug would help?… Didn’t help. I guess I’m just going to keep banging my head.”

Gibbs: “No. Don’t do that. I need what’s in that head.”


Gibbs: “Agent Borin, you want to walk me through your evidence log?”

Agent Borin: “Yeah, no problem. You know, you can call me Abby.”

Gibbs: “No… No, that’s not gonna happen.”