So, I was having amazing conversations with several students today, and one of them included a discussion on the idea of Roycean ethics. I am not sure that I completely understand it, but I took away some key ideas (thanks: you know who you are! ;)).

The patient (read: me) is focused on my illness (read: not getting into graduate school) and, therefore, getting back to health (read: getting accepted into graduate school) as soon as possible so that I can live life (read: write, publish, become a full-time professor, etc.).

However, the doctor (read: graduate school of choice) is focused on my disease and getting me better (read: accepting me and getting me out into the world for the purpose of THEIR financial gain and esteem).

Hence, we have a conflict of values. I want to get back to regular life and they want me to get better and make money. Okay, so the analogy may not fully play itself out, but I have been having fun all day applying this to various life scenarios.

Thanks for the amazing discussion, K! And everyone else! You all make me smile!