I belong to Him. I am a child of the King–a disciple of the King!

I can approach His throne in freedom and confidence.

I have access to His throne. In fact, I am seated next to Him.

I am made righteous through Him.

I am loved by Him.

The sovereign King accepts me.

I am befriended by Him, chosen by Him, completed by Him.

I am united with Him. I am His child.

I’ll spend eternity in His presence!

I have been given everything by Him.

I am healed by Him. I am hidden in Him. I am defended by Him, and I’m guided by His holy presence.

I am one with the sovereign King.

I am one with the Almighty God.

I am one with Him.

I am established in Him, annointed by Him. I am His workmanship.

He cherishes me; He bought me with His blood.

I was buried and baptized in His death, and I was raised with Him to new life.

I am made alive by the King.

I have been given a spirit, not of fear, but of POWER, of BOLDNESS, and of SOUND MIND. I cannot be separated from His love which goes on and on and on.

I am established in Him. I am annointed by Him. I am saved and healed by Him, sanctified and justified by Him.

I am redeemed. I am cleansed. And I was bought with His blood.

I was burried and baptized into His death.

I have been raised up by Him into His new life. I have been made alive by the King.