Kant says: Dancing in the rain is fun! You should totally dance in the rain! But, you should *never* dance in the rain if it is for the purpose of something. Only dance in the rain if you are dancing in the rain for no reason at all. Dance!

Mills says: Dancing in the rain should be done for things like… a child is born, a relationship is created, love happens, you eat chocolate, etc. In fact, you should dance even if there is a rule against it.

My application: I want to dance fully and freely. I want to dance for things (love, happiness) and for people (friends, family, God). I also want the freedom of dancing for no particular reason. I want both. I feel selfish in wanting both. Kant and Mills would probably say that I can’t have both.

My response: Lots of dancing all the time. Push forward even if it doesn’t make sense. Dance, dance, dance. And love that I am choosing to dance. Also, love that I have the freedom to dance whether it is for purpose or not.