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I have been thinking about some of this again, lately, so I figured I would repost.

More on Chun

April 15, 2008 iheartya Edit

I have been thinking a bit more about our readings from Chun, and have decided that I really appreciate her use of the term “light”. Obviously, she uses it to first explore the physical reality of fiber optic networks which connect all of cyberspace. But, then she takes that one step further in the realm of metaphor. In thinking about all of the ways that light can operate as metaphor, I think it is a really excellent term to use when one is “twinning” freedom and control. Light can be both negative and positive. On one hand, if one is performing an amoral (yes, I realize I am probably not arguing effectively by choosing to use the word “amoral” here) act, light would be seen as a bad thing. “To shed light”, as it were. Light becomes something to be feared. Control.

However, light is also good. Biblically speaking, God is light. Light was created by God; God called light good. Light can be used for protection–so one does not trip or fall or lose his or her way. More light=more freedom because then one is “free” to move about has he or she pleases without the fear of getting lost in the dark.

Chun, however, talks about shattering of enlightenment because of light being used as control. I think this is where the twinning comes in. To twin means that something has to be joined together. Control and freedom have to be together? Well, that would depend on one’s ultimate world view (but, we’re not talking ethics here, are we? Or are we?). Ultimately, Chun sees control/freedom as two binaries working against each other, but perhaps if they are looked at in the realm of two parallel paths working together… then they  become a bit more like railroad tracks… and then the light becomes a train at the end of the tunnel. And I am going to stop now before I twin my metaphors any more than I already have.

Question: Can you talk about control/freedom WITHOUT talking about world view, moral, ethics, etc?

What the Best College Teachers Do.

Ken Bain is A-mazing! 😉 Summary and report to come later, in full.