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“It was clear my teacher graded this paper gently…” from a student explaining a past assignment in which he wrote about a car accident that killed one of his friends.

Today, I am thankful for gentleness.

Let Me Go

 Chorus: Let me go

 You don’t need me, baby

 Stop holding on the way you are

 Don’t you know i’m no good for you

 And it’ll only break your heart

 If you don’t

 Let me go

Guest Blogging

Feel free to check out my guest blog at Chip MacGregor’s site:

After Googling Chip’s name for an appropriate descriptor, I came up with “the Simon Cowell of the Christian publishing world.” Thank you, Jennifer Schuchmann. 😉

In all kindness, he’s wicked smart, he knows the Christian publishing business, and for some reason, he allowed me to post my ramblings on his blog. Maybe he’s just too excited about the Colts playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday to care about the real world!