So, the reason for the random music posts have to deal with a few conversations I was having. I know my recent posts haven’t really been literary in nature, but a second passion of mine is theology, and you all are just going to have to hang on for the wild and crazy ride that is my life. Don’t feel like you have to read, but know that this is my heart. Paul had heart (II Corinthians) and mind (Romans) moments, so I can, too!

I always thought that I had to tell people about Christ–that’s what the great commission is about, right? But, I realized I am not equipped in that way. Don’t get me wrong, I love my time hanging out with all of my friends–Christian or not–but I realize that my passion, my TRUE passion, is spuring Christians on to love and good works (those that are on the “mission” field). I am not an evangelizer.

I am… God’s kid–Holy and perfected in Him and through Him forever and always. And, can I just say this? I want to hug people today! Tomorrow, I am going to the Holy Thursday chapel at CCU, and I am so stoked. I am excited because I get to see my kids (okay, they aren’t really kids, but I love ’em like that anyway) worship Christ. I LOVE that! I love watching people enjoy Christ and grow in who they are. It’s awesome!

Happy Holy Week, EVERYONE!