…and now I wait. God and I had a little talk about me not being accepted. I realize that this is a possibilty–it is a very competitive program, and in no means do I think that I am half way near as good as I should be. I know that I have improved and continue to improve when I practice my writing, but it all depends on the applicant pool. The fact I haven’t received anything yet (not even a waitlist notice) makes me pretty sure it’s going to be a no. But, I talked to God–and I gave up my right to be accepted into the program. If I am accepted, it’s His will and not my right. If I am not accepted, it’s still His will and still not my right.

The only thing I have a RIGHT to is joy. No one can take my joy away, and that is a promise that I have been given. I am a bit brokenhearted right now, having given that up (along with a few other things this week), but it’s done and I am praying that God will reveal His amazingly awesome joy to me.

Continue to ride the journey with me… no matter what the end results are, the END result is still the same.