Apparently, Toni Morrison, in The Bluest Eyeconsidered rape akin to reading. Interesting interpretation. And, yet, I understand where she is coming from (aside from the fact that I am white and middle class). I understand where she is coming from in that reading is a struggle lately. I think this is because I feel like everything I read has to be GRE related. Or, if it isn’t GRE related, then it has to be scholarly. In fact, fluff makes me angry. While I used to enjoy sappy Christian romances, now I find myself having to skim them (I still like the “good” parts–so I skim for those). However, I know that I know need to look for something that is intellectually stimulating. And, yet, this is frustrating because I don’t always want to make my brain work.

What do you read when you are just reading for enoyment? Should you always read with intentionality?