For everyone that held your breath waiting, you can stop now. Note that this is a compilation of conversations with other writers, awesome websites, and funny inside jokes that I tell myself. For example, on my third tier is a journal, The Shit Creek Review, that only accepts poetry. While I am not generally poetic, I think it would be humorous to include this on my repertoire of publications. But, then, maybe I am just sick and twisted like that.

Ah well.

Ideas, comments, negations welcome. The journals within the tiers are in no particular order.

Sarah’s A, B, C List

(I would give my right arm for Hobart, Glimmer Train, and Ruminate for personal, as well as public, reasons).

First Tier

  • Zoetrope
  • Glimmer Train
  • Hobart
  • McSweeny’s
  • Denver Quarterly
  • Failbetter
  • Ploughshares
  • Tin House
  • Ruminate
  • Image

Second Tier

  • The Yale Review
  • Indiana Review
  • The Iowa Review
  • Kenyon Review
  • Mississippi Review
  • elimae
  • Other Voices
  • Prairie Schooner
  • The Yale Review
  • Mid-American Review
  • Relief
  • A Cappella Zoo

Third Tier

  • North American Review
  • Michigan Quarterly Review
  • Fairy Tale Review
  • Alaska Quarterly Review
  • Crab Orchard Review
  • The Harvard Review
  • Toasted Cheese
  • Zyzzyva
  • Smokelong Quarterly
  • Stickman Review
  • Scruffy Dog Review
  • Shit Creek Review
  • R.k.v.r.y.
  • Lemon Puppy Quarterly
  • Juked
  • Jacket
  • H_NGM_N
  • Ep;phany
  • Chicken Bones
  • 3 A.M. Magazine