Instead of a New Year’s Resolution list, I am going to make an A, B, C list. That is, I am going to create a list of journals that I will send to with A being the best, B being second best, and C being places that I will only send out to if I am kidnapped by a band of brain eating zombies.

I did this in graduate school, but I am not sure if I understood enough about myself as a writer or enough about the literary market to create an effective list.

After publishing a piece in an online journal that could have been accepted in a print journal (not that one is really better than the other what with technology becoming amazingly awesome), I am a bit frustrated with myself.

If I am going to write seriously, then I need to approach it seriously. I have just been sending out to journals that I know about via various writing consortiums. And while my system is okay, it could be better.

I must admit that I am slightly scared. Creating an A, B, C list means that I really need to focus my writing based on the journals I am sending to. I sort of like the freedom of being able to send wherever. Maybe I will still allow myself that freedom every now and then, but, for the most part, I will only submit to A, B, C.

I will keep you all posted on how this goes.