“And now we wait. Yes, sadly, there will be much waiting, wailing, and gnashing of teeth (and possibly neurotic gnawing on furniture) until I find out if I am good enough for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. However, as my boss, John, so elegantly stated, I am now an official member of the “Performance Based Acceptance Club”. In fact, I am vice president. To which I promptly replied (with my infamous impish grin) “Why can’t I be President?”


Well thanks for all of you who were praying.

I am one step closer to becoming… a librarian! (Think, The Mummy)”

Three years later… I am not a librarian. I am an English composition/research writing instructor at Colorado Christian University. And once again I am waiting. Only this time, I am waiting to find out if I have been accepted into the University of Denver’s PhD program in creative writing.

Waiting sucks.