So, I have recently started researching Colorado State. This would mean I would be pursuing an MFA and not a PhD.


Stronger community (they have potlucks before readings and receptions afterwards). These people are community crazy. Also, their students published a guide to the MFA program called “The Book” which is very extensive. Impressive!

Cheaper. Though, I would have to take travelling into account. It’s farther away.

Shorter length of time. This could be a con, too. I like school 😉 I don’t really WANT to leave.


Easier to get into. Also, could be a con. And here, too, I am just assuming. But I have heard that DU is wicked difficult to get into.


Not as prestigious.

There’s just something about the feeling that I would get from having the PhD vs. the MFA. Of course, it’s not like I am going to walk up to people and say, “Hey, I have a PhD and not an MFA.” Well, I might tell my dentist. But other than him, I’m pretty sure I won’t say anything.

Distance. An hour and fifteen minutes in the car both ways. That’s like a lot of hours in the car.

I am beginning to think a coin toss is in order. Or maybe I should put it on the 2008 voting ballot. Whichever gets the most votes is the school I go to. Of course, I still have to APPLY to both of them. And get ACCEPTED.

List of things to do:

APPLY to graduate school.

Get ACCEPTED into graduate school.

Eat some APPLES.