So, I have been thinking about all things PhD since I woke up. At 6 a.m., thinking about getting a PhD is slightly headache inducing. Anyway, here are my thoughts.

Prayerfully–God hasn’t said anything specific. He hasn’t said no. He also hasn’t said yes. I’d rather hear a confident “yes” as all big things in my life have moved forward with total yes-ness from God. One exception: Purchasing a Dodge Stratus. The car lasted me about a week. Now I have my Focus back. On the upside, I became really close to my church family really quickly!

Intellectually–So, I had this thought in the shower this morning. If money were not an issue, would I want to go forward with pursuing my PhD. Honestly? At this point? I don’t know… I mean, I know I eventually want it. But, really, I am having so much fun right now working–teaching my oh-so-fun freshman and tutoring. Why would I want to give that up when I’ve worked so hard for it?

But… then… I worry what my friends/professors/mentors will say when they hear I am not going to pursue it right now. Right, SARAH, the world does not revolve around you. They have bigger things to worry about like book writing and graduating from law school and raising families and helping the poor.

UGH! I hate not knowing. Worse, I hate wanting to really go forward but fearing that it just isn’t the right time.