Pretty flowers and what I thought was a church…

My caption was going to be, “See, Jesus likes it here,” but I discovered this is the athletic center. Ah well.

Practicing my, “Oh, that’s cool. I got accepted face.”

Practicing my “Heck yes!!! I got accepted!!!” face. Some guy walked by as I was taking this and I am pretty sure he thought I was full of myself.

The English department from the outside (as best as I can tell by the architecture of the building from the inside…)

A wooden sign! Who has a WOODEN sign announcing their English department?

I felt the need to salute or sing the national anthem or something.

The amazingly beautiful campus with red brick everywhere!

More of the absolutely DREAMY campus!

Where Denver Quarterly receives their mail. Totally scoping out the competition!

Of course! The University of Denver Writing Center! I didn’t want to get in trouble by taking pictures of their actual center, but you can see inside. It’s really pretty and BIG!

Yup… DU has stolen my heart.