My newest short story, “Painting the Walls Pink” has found a home in Monkeybicycle. Other than feeling like a mom who is about to send her five year old into the strange world of kindergarten, I am excited that a) I was responded to so quickly and that b) my story has a home! Yeah! And yeah for Eric Spitznagel who is like the coolest editor ever. Seriously. Like, for real.

In other author related news, I met Ellen Baker, author of Keeping the House and she is beautiful and her writing is beautiful and I think I want to use the colors from her paperback as inspiration for my kitchen. No, seriously, I just had this thought tonight: Wouldn’t it be neat to take a book and decorate a room of the house based on the cover of a book that you really like. Obviously, I am a) a book nerd, b) a librarian, and c) a writer, so… maybe this would only go over well with certain audiences, but I think that would be really neat!

That’s all for now and wish me the best in my “fall offensive” as I continue to submitt my writing to various journals.

P.S. What’s a Casbah?