by Steve Leveen

Well, I figured if this is going to be a reading summer, then I should probably read about how to read.

As, I was selecting books on CD to take with me for my ride home, I came across this short (3.75 hours) informational book on how to get more from your reading and how to incorporate more reading into your life.

Most of the suggestions I already follow:

Reading list for books I want to read: Check

Reading list for books I have read: Check (That kind of started with this blog, so not all of my ‘read’ books are catalogued).

Reading audio books: Yup! Seriously, if you all are not into audio books, you should be!

Some things I am thinking about incorporating into my reading life:

Book clubs: Now that I am no longer in graduate school, I feel like I still want to continue a discussion about good books, so joining a book club might be the way to do that, yes?

Memorization: I would love, love, LOVE to work on my memorization technique. One of my English class discussions on rhetoric really inspired this. Some of my friends are so good with pulling up quotes or facts during the middle of conversations, and I know (or assume) this is because they have spent time memorizing. I think this would not only help my memory, but also my rhetoric.

Writing to authors: I usually try to shoot off an email to an author after I have read their book, especially if it is someone I know. But, I would like to make a more conscious and professional effort of engaging this practice.

Vocabulary: Really, I need to improve my vocabulary. I want to use big words.

So, what about you? What’s your reading life like? Do you make conscious choices in your reading life? What’s on your summer reading list? What was the last book that you read that completely inspired you to, say, do a cartwheel?