Well, now that my name looks something like this: Sarah Joy Freese, MA, MLIS, you may all be wondering… what’s next?

Will you continue YA blogging? (Yes, sometimes).

Will you put your toilet paper on the roll backwards (No, probably not.)

Will you eat your vegetables? Scrapbook? Save the whales? (Yes, I like broccoli. Maybe, but I doubt it. I was always more of a dolphin person).

So… what will you do?

Well, Professor George Clark put it rather succinctly, and so I would kind of like to follow his plan:

* Writing (Goal: 2-3 Short Stories)

* Reading (Reading list forthcoming)

* Experience (Colorado?)

* Drafting (Work on drafts from my thesis defense)

In regards to making money, I have a potential job opportunity lined up in Chicago… so, we’ll see.

What to look for here: Blogging about books, blogging about writing, blogging about Colorado, blogging about the pain of drafting and writer’s block, and blogging about wicked cool new authors, and maybe more… much, much more.