About two years ago, when I had just moved to Vermont, 16 hours from my family and home, I started really keeping up on my other blog. Mostly, it was fluff (favorite TV shows, what I had for dinner, etc.), but it kept me in contact with my family and allowed me to “vent” about daily life. This blog, I Heart YA, was always meant to be more “professional”, and I think, for the most part, it has stayed that way.

Something I have never really written about online (namely because I feel a bit uncomfortable about it) is the death of my cousin and best friend, Michael Joseph Mason. Shortly after he died, I changed the name of my other blog to “Two Novembers” because he passed away in October and I realized that after he died I stopped blogging until mid-Novemberish.

What was there to say? I remember thinking, I wish I could have been given “Two Novembers” so that I could have written more–I didn’t want October back–but, I wanted more time, and I thought November was the month which would give me that time.

That said… it’s time for pictures.

Today was the first day I showed anyone at UW-Milwaukee my Michael pictures, and I realized that was kind of sad, but I understand it, too. It’s a delicate topic and it’s not like you can just walk up to people and say, “Hey, want to see a picture of my dead cousin?” Mostly, they would look at you wierd.

And, I guess I’m ready to blog about it now. Just a little bit.