Seriously! Thanks, Markus!

“Oh, thanks for giving a pointer. Always very interesting to see how 
people read the stuff!

Yes, when we discuss socially expanded games as “problematic”, we 
especially mean ethical issues. Naturally, the next thing we did was 
to write a report on the ethics of pervasive gaming, which you can 
find at

Mm, if I could delete one word from my Exploring the Edge paper, I’d 
delete the “new” I think. Pervasive games are not new; even though I 
thought so back in the 2005. Older stuff comes from the 19th century, 
and if we go to the time before that, the whole notions of 
game/ordinary, work/leisure, public space/private space et cetera 
start to melt down, making the definition skewed anyway. (and more 
about that in our Future Play paper in )

I guess you might find the latter paper interesting, and the ethics 
report valuable.


  – Markus”