I am thinking about the physicality of these stories. In other words, in thinking about how they were pieced together, or maybe how users interact with them, the premise is basically the same. Click and shoot. Or, is that point and shoot? The stories are different, yes, but how is clicking on a map (“The 21 Steps”) any different than say clicking “up” or “down” or “left” or “right” of the story (“The (Former) General”).

And speaking of story telling! The fiction is weak, at best. Oh, the stories are good, I suppose. But the language? And, yet, I feel guilty knowing that my story probably isn’t going to be “up to par” either because I just don’t have the TIME to enhance and really work the language. This frustrates me. Does amazing digitality automatically assume less amazing fiction? I think that is a bit of a forced question… but I am irritating myself so that’s what you get. 😉

P.S. Really, Matt, I think you’re great.

P.P.S. No. Really.