Alrighty all…

Here are my thoughts/plans for this final project:

At this point, I am planning on playing with the idea of “choice(s)” within Internet clicking/surfing–how each click represents a choice (thanks, Marla!), and more specifically how each choices represents a ‘conscious moral purpose’ (thanks, Henry James!), and even more specifically how YA (young adult) readers engage in reading fiction in an online environment when they are presented with a series of choices (thanks, Anne!). So, I am thinking something sort of like a ‘choose your own adventure’ book or an alternate reality game.

Thoughts/comments are, of course, welcome.

Write a creative brief for my plans/action steps (March 27)

Site Map/Diagram (April 2nd)

2-4 Potential Interfaces (April 4th)

Final website (May 2nd)

I also want to read 15-20 articles in order to center myself in some form of dialogue about where I am.

That’s all for now 😉