This is a creative brief that I created when I was working on my initial webpage ( I have updated it to compliment the project that we are working on for 709. I am excited to see where my ideas will go, and am especially excited to research the current alternative reality games that I have found. Some of my favorite websites include: author Sean Stewart (also, he is the creator of Fourth Wall Studios and their home page reads: “Your life is the movie screen we make the stories that play on it. The fourth wall is the imaginary barrier between the audience and the stage. We create compelling worlds that live on the wrong side of that wall. These are stories you can visit with your browser, hear on your cell phone or see out your window. This isn’t about watching adventures on TV. This is about living them. Beyond the fourth wall… beyond book covers / beyond the frame of your television set / beyond the boundaries of your video game console / …is where the stories of the 21st century want to live.”) and game designer, researcher, and future forecaster Jane McGonigal’s The Lost Ring whose game really makes me a bit jealous that I am a board (note: earlier I had ‘bored’ because I was writing this quickly, and I thought the irony in there was a bit intriguing!) gamer and not a video gamer. Although, I guess I am about to try my hand at these ARG games, huh?

Exciting stuff, yes?