First, to my lovely classmates and Anne, I am so sorry for not posting on this blog recently. Can I use the excuse that life got crazy? Or maybe the dog ate my laptop? I am not sure… All I know is that I have been trying to “take it all in” and have felt like I really don’t understand a lot of things, and that makes me become stubborn and dig my heals in, and just not do anything (Similar, I think, to when I was younger and didn’t want to go to bed, and so I would hold my breath. Because if I passed out, I wouldn’t have to go to bed, right?) Or maybe not similar to that at all, but do know that I am reading what all of you have to say on your blogs and figuring out so hard how I might be able to apply the reading and writing to my future scholarship, that all I do is figure and I never actually produce. Which actually brings me to an excellent place of discussion on Binkler–

I agree with what everyone has stated about style and tone, in that he does write a lot like Weinberger (trying to “sell” something), and yet not so hurried. Also, I would have a hard time classifying this text as academic, albeit more so than Weinberger.

Ultimately, I find the idea of “collaboration” really a “writing community” or even a “reading community” or “both” (felt the need to put both in quotes since everything else was, as well) to be quite engaging. Personally, I have had first-hand experience in collaborating with other writers both in person and in other locales. And it is that, the other locales part, that always geeks me out. I become so excited that there are other writers and academians who care about what I have to say and who value my opinions and where I am coming from that I entrench myself in their world, which is excellent for the project or paper that we happen to be working on. I have, at the same time, found this to be quite detrimental to my engagement with writers and academia who are in a physical community, in that I tend to shut them down. And because I try so hard not to do that, I do things like choose to not post on my blog. Don’t get me wrong–I love you all, I love this class, I really would have loved that A… but, I also know that communicating face-to-face tends to be a bit more where I am at right now.

And don’t get me wrong–this is part of my research! Especially, in what I am working on through the School of Information Studies (Loss and Language–online grieving communities, and D2L and visually impaired students/the effects/interactions–that one doesn’t have a title just yet!), it’s all about online collaboration. Also, as stated earlier, online collaboration geeks me out–I love doing it! I love being able to keep up with my high school sister’s latest crush by chatting to her in between reading Nakamura and brushing my teeth. It really helps me to multi-task quite effectively.

And, yet, when it comes right down to it, online textual communication is not my learning style. I retain NOTHING. In order to actually have something to talk about in class, I have to study the blogs, not just read or skim. And so, again, instead of actually choosing to do that, I hold my breath.

So, Benkler, yeah, he’s great.

Online collaboration rocks my socks off.

Now, tell me how I can access people face-to-face and engage in community over coffee instead of in an online chatroom or in a blog. Then, I will have something intelligent for you and will probably utilize the word “trichotomy” just to sound smart.