Picture one here, is a result of collecting various images which have represented important stages of my life, as well as various family members. I am more a people picture taker than an object picture taker, and I am sure how that somehow represents the deep-seeded psychological need for love or something… Mom (Sally), sisters (Johanna and Gracie), Evan (from Vermont), future bride Amanda (best friend from college), Cousins (Jenny and Sarah; Brad, Cheryl, and Sarah) Sarah and a snake (camp picture), A picture taken while in graduate school (Johanna and her friend Aarika), and sheep! Yes, I was a 4-H nerd. All overlayed over two backgrounds that best represent my childhood years: my own backyard combined with my Grandma’s farm. The water playing=me, my sisters, and my cousin Michael (who passed away October 14, 2005). The hay bales/tractors=me getting in trouble for not helping and instead, taking pictures.  

Thing One

Picture two is all of the above but in TeChNiCoLoR!!!