This picture was taken of a former student of mine. The kids were outside during a break and she decided to do some headstands. I was playing with the digital camera and took a black and white of her ‘in action’. Because my focus is young adult literature I wanted to create something that would be engaging for 12-18 year olds. I realize that this picture, and the subsequent poem (no comments on the awfulness of that, please…!) includes more of a feminine audience, but I was encouraged with how it turned out–jazzy, sparkly, and just gosh darn cool was what I was going for. Also, I wanted to try to keep it as simple as possible, while still showing off my Photoshop skills. I would say that that was the most difficult task I encountered–trying to live up to the standards of the class while keeping it simple enough to look nice. At one point I had only done two Photoshop tasks (the clone and creating the light pink layer) and I really wanted to stop. But, then I ended up playing around a bit more and came up with something that I think looks pretty good for the minimalness of my practice in Photoshop.

P.S. Ten points for the title reference. Anyone? Anyone?