A.B. Longstreet’s “The Turn Out” presents a story of eager young children who desire a holiday, or more specifically, a break from school due to Easter. Determined to adhere to their plan, the children plan a “turn out” in which they plan to kick their teacher out of the school (note: the girls are allowed to know about it, but are not allowed to engage in any scandalous activity). The teacher, deciding that he is going to outsmart his scheming young pupils, finds their Easter eggs and places them on the ground in front of the school house in anticipation of stepping on them. While hesitating at first, the kids stand firm in their resolve and determine that their mothers will simply make them more. After this does not work, the teacher proceeds in breaking down the door, and enters the classroom, where he is assaulted with sticks and punches and kicks. In the end, the children get their holiday, but only for a half a week, as a compromise is made.