Bucher, Katherine T. & M. Lee Manning. “Taming the Alien Genre: Bringing Science Fiction into the Classroom.” The Alan Review. 28.2(2001): 1-9.

Bucher and Manning’s article provides a solid definition for the difference between science fiction and fantasy using the broader term “speculative fiction” to encompass both: “If the story is set in a universe that follows the same rule as ours, it’s science fiction. If it’s set in a universe that doesn’t follow our rules, it’s fantasy” (as cited in Card, 22). The story works to discuss various teacher’s reluctance to read or teach science fiction, thus disengaging students from potentially literary speculative fiction, offering suggestions to overcome the fear of recommendations to students. Most importantly, the article acknowledges that, “a novel which is taught for its literary concepts is judged differently than one which is taught for other concepts such as ecological or social awareness” (6).