Having just read The Gospel According to Larry I have had time to reflect on what a gospel that I might write would include. Things like, “When you’re going to kiss someone for the first time…” or “Make sure to floss at least twice a month…” Practical things, yet quirky… information that might not be included elsewhere. Random pieces of information that not a lot of people would know, yet would be utterly grateful to hear from my fingertips.

 Of course, then I realized that my random information quotient has become quite low. I used to be a potential Trivial Pursuit reality show winner (until I met a college friend, Melissa, who made it her goal to memorize TP cards). Unfortunately, somehow… my life has become full of more practical information. For example, it’s important to buy groceries about once every two weeks, so that you aren’t stuck with Ramen noodles or dry oatmeal. Or, you should listen to people who care about you when they make suggestions about your life, as annoying as they might seem at the time (the people or the suggestions). And finally, drink milk, even if you have to put chocolate or strawberry syrup in it… because you never know when you’ll end up with a broken hand after a too-crazy-to-believe sledding accident.

 And finally, you should read Janet Tashjian’s The Gospel According to Larry. The book is quick, fast-paced, and language driven. The narrator is one that young adults can connect with in his over-driven willingness to change the world and make Beth fall in love with him. Teens will find themselves captured by Janet’s rhythm and anti-consumerism rants through the voice of her previously mentioned unique narrator.

Plus, you get to learn the word for, “turnip-shaped” and who doesn’t want to know that?